Les Arts Scéniques - Ein Basler Theaterensemble


Usually our English speaking children’s ensemble Les Arts Scéniques Junior performs an original play at the end of May/beginning of June. 2020 had other things in mind. The script was almost ready when lockdown happened. So, we adapted and rewrote the entire thing into a movie – that even thematized the current situation.

Watch the movie here: COPING – A QUARANTINE COMEDY?

The password is: LASJunior2020

About the ensemble

Les Arts Scéniques Junior is our English speaking children’s company. We rehearse between September and June and create, write and perform a new play every year. COPING – A QUARANTINE COMEDY was created by the company members of 2019/2020:

  • Viola Arcuri
  • Leon Baert
  • Leia Blagovic
  • Margaux Gaëtan
  • Lucianne Gilsenan
  • Giulia Grenz
  • Mia Hartmann
  • Nora Lyon
  • Lexi Pressner
  • Johanna Renatus