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Les Arts Scéniques Junior

Between 2017 and 2021 Les Arts Scéniques ran its own Junior company for English speaking children and teens ages 11 – 15 who had a keen interest in theater and were willing to train and work on a professional level. The weekly practice session lasted 90 minutes and featured improvisational skills, rehearsal drill, monologues and dialogues, and principles of movement for the stage space. The company trained regularly between September and June. Besides training the children created, wrote and rehearsed a play and performed it in May/June of each year. These productions aimed to give the children a first-hand experience of theater.

It was an amazing experience to work with a select group of dedicated kids and teens who have come up with wonderful creative stories for the stage. It’s been an absolute pleasure!


Several of the productions can be viewed online on YouTube or Vimeo. Please check out the respective production pages to watch them.

Gucci, Horses, and a Little Booze
COPING – A Quarantine Comedy?