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Kinderensemble LAS Junior 2018/2019

Les Arts Scéniques Junior

Les Arts Scéniques Junior is our company for English speaking children ages 8 – 13 who have a keen interest in theater and are willing to train and work on a professional level. The weekly practice session last 90 minutes and features improvisational skills, rehearsal drill, monologues and dialogues, and principles of movement for the stage space. The company trains regularly between September and June. Besides training the children will create, i.e. write and rehearse a play and perform it in June. This production aims to give the children a first-hand experience of theater.

Children who are interested in joining the company for the school year of 2019/2020 must

– speak English fluently
– be 8 – 13 years old
– commit to regular participation throughout the entire school year
– be especially capable of working constructively in a group
– successfully complete the audition process

Auditions for the company of the school year of 2019/2020 will take place in June 2019. Mor information will be published in spring 2019.
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