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In “Pretty Women” two singer/actresses and a pianist evoke key experiences regarding the traditional options of role and gender that affect a woman’s life. An array of beautiful theater songs written throughout the 20th century captures essential questions and insights and offers the audience a thoughtful and emotional theater evening. Tour in Bern and Basel, Premiere Premiere: 11 January, 2018
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This witty experimental performance shows how words and everyday phrases affect the way people interact with each other and shines a light on the influence of cultural assumptions on relationships. This piece is the original work of four actors who have participated in our annual training program, the “Theaterjahr”. Premiere: 2 December, 2017
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The premiere ist sold out! For the performance on Sunday there are a few tickets left available online.

Our children’s company Les Arts Scéniques Junior is preparing its first production to be premiered in June 2018. More info to follow.