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Cary is a guest on this week’s episode of SwissPats. Listen in!

Interview on Radio X

Check out our latest interview with Les Arts Scéniques Junior. Last Tuesday we got the chance to talk live about our new play “SECRETS AND LIES”. Listen to the interview here:

Introducing SwissPats

Les Arts Scéniques Junior got the chance to bring to you a new episode of SwissPats. Listen in and come see the play!

A sneak peek into our preparations for SECRETS AND LIES – rehearsal pics!


Our english-speaking Junior company will have some vacant places next year. In order to fill these places with new young actors we are holding auditions very soon. If you speak English fluently, are between 10 and 14 years old and can can regularly come to rehearsals on Wednesdays, then do apply to become part of the company. All necessary info is available here:


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